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A culinary taste and ambiance experience

A dinner at Graaf ter horst is a culinary taste and ambiance expierence where the craft horeca gets the love and attention it deserves. Enjoyment is written with a capitol E. From the moment you’ll set foot in Graaf ter Horst. You’ll loose track of time. Let a member of our staff be your guide in the restaurant. Let the team be your guide to our beautiful wines and enjoy the wonderful creations from our kitchen, leaded by our chef.

With personal attention and a surprisingly varied menu you’ll enjoy an evening filled with the best flavors. Our dishes are pure, fresh honest and always served with our chefs creative signature. We turn food into an experience.

Choose from a three, five or six course menu, always adjusted to the season. Any special diet wishes are no problem.

Feel welcome, be surrounded by our hospitality and enjoy like a count.

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A culinary taste and ambiance experience